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Featured battle : Caldiero 1805

Part of French War of the Third Coalition

Date : 29 October 1805 - 31 October 1805

Archduke Charles had decided to withdraw his Austrians from Italy and planned a spoiling attack on Massena's forces to prevent effective pursuit. The resulting poorly organized and executed battle, which some commentators have referred to as a 'brawl', was to nobody's credit. The Austrians successfully pulled back to the line of the Tagliamento river.

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British soldier of the Boer War - stand to! - MUR3_abwkit6

British soldier of the Boer War - stand to! - MUR3_abwkit6

A soldier of the Anglo-Boer war puts his kit on ready for action

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Waterloo Archive Volume VI: British Sources

Gareth Glover [Ed]
The last volume of this superb series by no means appears to 'scape the barrel' indeed it almost appears as if Gareth Glover has saved some of the best bits to the end. The illustrations are beautifully reproduced. The series as a whole is a must for anyone who aspires to understand the battle and its context, the men, their families and the times they lived and died in. It would be wrong to single out any particular volume, each is as good as another and having read one I am sure one would want to read them all. If we are really lucky perhaps Gareth Glover will find material enough for another volume. Highly recommended.
Frontline Books, Pen & Sword Books Ltd., 2014

Reviewed : 2015-03-31 08:53:41