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Featured battle : Dennewitz

Part of The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

Date : 06 September 1813

Ney's advance on Berlin was blocked by part of Bernadotte's Allied Army of the North. While Ney's frontal attacks were held [just!] the French were hit with a strong flank attack. Ney's poor overall command of the battlefield caused him to split his force rather than concentrating to break the Allied centre or weaker flank. The French withdrew with very heavy losses.

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Russian T34/85 Tank

Russian T34/85 Tank

Widely thought the be the best tank of the war, the T34 was designed in 1939 but first appeared in battle in June 1941. By the end of the war 40,000 had been produced and it continued to serve in various armed forces from 1943 right up to 1985. This particular example is painted in the colours of the Soviet 95 division in Berlin,1945. The T34/85 mounted an 85mm gun in the turret and had thicker armour that earlier models.

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Cromwell's War Machine. The New Model Army 1645-1660

Keith Roberts
Cromwell's War Machine describes the tactics and organization of the armies of the English Civil war within a context. That context was the Eurpoean military scene varied experience of which was brought into this country by Officers and men who had fought as mercenaries in the various European wars. The reader gains an understanding not only of what but more fundamentally why things were as they were. Only one chapter is given over to the campaigns of the New Model army, which is the sole subject of many other works. The prose is lucid and flowing and the extensive footnotes [nearly five hundred] do not impinge upon the text. Highly recommended.
Pen & Sword Military, 2005

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