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Crete. Invasion of

Campaign Name : Crete. Invasion of

Date(s) : 20 May 1941 - 01 June 1941

Part of : Second World War , Mediterranean operations ,


The Germans wanted to gain Crete as an air base from which to command much of the Eastern Mediterranean and strike at Egypt. The hastily assembled Allied defenders included many troops who had been recently evacuated from Greece when it fell. The Allies were British, New Zealanders, Australians and Greeks under the command of Major-General Freyberg. The Germans were parachuted, glider-borne, air transported and sea-borne troops under General Löhr. Fierce fighting by the ill prepared Allies caused serious casualties among the Germans but as reinforcements arrived the Allies were driven back. About 42,000 Allies suffered 5,320 killed and wounded, 12,000 captured and 18,000 evacuated. The 23,000 Germans suffered over 7,000 killed and wounded.