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Featured battle : Malplaquet

Part of The War of the Spanish Succession

Date : 11 September 1709

The largest of Marlborough's battles in terms of troops involved. The Allies with 110,000 men attacked the French and Bavarian's of 80,000. The French/Bavarian army was in a strong position in wooded country side on a front which they had spent three days preparing. In a very bloody battle the Allies, particularly the Dutch, took very heavy casualties. About 24,000 Allied soldiers were killed compared with 9,000 French/Bavarians. The French/Bavarians conducted an orderly retreat and saved most of their guns. The result was a technical victory for the Allies in that it removed the French from a strategically important position and opened the way for the seige and capture of Mons and Tournai

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North American F-100-D Super Sabre 54-2174

North American F-100-D Super Sabre 54-2174

An iconic fighter-bomber of the Vietnam war era which could carry 7,500lbs of bombs on 6 underwing pylons along with 4 x 20mm cannon mounted in the fuselage. It could travel in excess of 860mph and reach a ceiling height of 45,000ft. While this example has been re-painted in Vietnam war colours, 54-2174 was actually in service with the French.

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British Cruisers. Two World Wars and After

Norman Friedman
Wow! Another book from this author and publisher with the 'wow' factor. Lavishly illustrated with a photograph or line plan on almost every page. The text is packed with technical information, detail, and description of design, construction and application of these important ships. I read it cover to cover finding many nuggets of information on the way. e.g. One particular cruiser fresh out of dock had a range of 12,000nm; the same ship after eight months cruising was 'deep and dirty' had a range of only 8,000nm. This book is a must for every Royal Navy enthusiast and would be of interest to the general reader. This is the kind of reference book where you find what you are looking for and are then temped to go on reading. Highly recommended.
Seaforth publishing. Pen & Sword Books Ltd., 2010

Reviewed : 2016-06-28 08:24:21