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Featured battle : Rio Gebora

Part of The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

Date : 19 February 1811

An utterly incompetent handling of his troops by the Spanish commander, Mendizabal, led to this defeat by a force half the size of his own. Most ofhis cavalry fled the field leaving the flank of his infantry exposed to the French cavalry attack. Many of the Spaniards fled into Badajoz and many others fled over the border to Portugal. This defeat sealed the fate of Badajoz.

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Boer Trek Vrou, tending camp

Boer Trek Vrou, tending camp

Images of one of the un-sung heroines of the Anglo-Boer War - the steadfast Boer wives who provided for the fighters in the line and who, ultimately, were so poorly treated by the British policy of concentration camps (not to be confused with the later Nazi implementation of that concept). Member of the Heilbron Commando living history group.

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The Japanese Navy in World War II

Evans, David C (Ed.)
The subtitle for this substantial book (568 pages) is "In the words of former Japanese Naval Officers", and from their seniority in their brief biographies (in an appendix) there is a risk that this book could become either a description of grand strategy, a justification of and blame for ultimate defeat, or both. And the contributions from these professional naval men, written in some cases not long after the events they describe do indeed carry much of that. But they also contain immediate and personal details from the glinting of the sun from the wings of bombers heading for Perl Harbour, to the difficulty of abandoning a burning carrier during Midway, to the mixed emotions of setting sail upon one of the biggest battleships ever built on a one way trip to Okinawa. All this makes it book well worth reading for both the informed and the inquisitive. I found it hard to put down and had to read a whole chapter at a sitting.
Naval Institute Press, Annapolis MD., (2nd Edn, paperback) 2017, (original) 1986

Reviewed : 2018-01-08 14:30:20