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Featured battle : Craonne

Part of The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

Date : 07 March 1814

Although not realised by the combattants this battle marked the beginning of the end for Napoleon. Equal forces but the French had the Old Guard infantry and cavalry with Napoleon in command. However the Russian artillery destroyed the French infantry attacks. The Allies were able to disengage and following Blücher's plan move to Laon where the remainder of Blücher's army were.

Featured image :

The Trincomalee, port side

The Trincomalee, port side

A view down the port side of the Trincomalee from the stern. The guns, run-out can be seen, along with the hammock-netting, standing rigging, running rigging and yards for the courses only (topsail yards etc. not yet swayed up) and the fighting tops.

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Featured review :

A Spy in the Sky

Kenneth B Johnson
Subtitled "A Photographic Reconnaissance Spitfire Pilot in WWII", this is as it seems, a memoir of a PR pilot. But it's more than just that. Johnson was a young airman volunteer, who knew only that he didn't want to be drafted into the army to face terror and death on the battlefield. So as soon as he was old enough he volunteered for the RAF thinking he'd spend the war sweeping out hangars. Somehow he ended up being chosen for NCO aircrew, showed an aptitude and volunteered for Spitfires, albeit unarmed ones! This led to him being in almost suicidal situations flying from North African airfields over the Med in unarmed, barely serviceable aircraft deep into enemy territory. It is a touching book, written in his own words, about how poorly he was treated as an 'other rank' in an officer's world. Even after he received his commission, he felt no acceptance and his health suffered as a result. This book fills in a valuable gap, exploring a very different viewpoint of Spitfire flying and is to be recommended.
Pen & Sword Air World, Yorkshire, 2019

Reviewed : 2020-02-10 20:12:13